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Content Marketing & Strategies

Web design. SEO. Blogs. eBooks. Social media. Content marketing. Together, they work better.

Whether your customer is simply researching solutions, hunting for the right provider, or is ready to buy today, you should be speaking to their needs. On their terms. And that requires more than just putting up a website and waiting for the phone to ring – it requires an in-depth content strategy. What kind of content do they want, and how do they want to get it? YMKM will help you figure that out. And we’ll execute the strategy.   Take a look at the moving parts: Inbound Marketing  |  Search Engine Marketing  |  Social Media Marketing  |  Website Design  

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Inbound marketing focuses on your online audience. It’s the opposite of unwanted radio, TV and billboard advertising – users are instead seeking out information. In other words, inbound marketing allows you to engage with your potential leads, on their terms. Your future customers are in different phases of the buying process, so do your best to nurture them along to a sale. Do they need raw data points? Do they need to research the best drilling technology for their oil fields? Do they want to simply keep up with the latest industry news, and think you’re a good channel for that info (and as a side benefit, continue to keep you top of mind)? Different phases of the sales process require different combinations of content. Be sure to provide it!    

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

By now Search Engine Marketing should be one of the first things you think of when you build a new site or online marketing campaign. If it isn’t you’re shooting yourself in the foot. In the competive world of websites you need to not only beat your competitor with your product or service you need to beat them to the top of search engine results page(SERPs). Simply creating a website isn’t enough anymore. Building one correctly and using the right keywords helps you get a leg up. In order to be effective you’ll need to take care of some basic things;

  • Is your site built on a sound foundation using up-to-date website standards?
  • Is your site optimized to use the keywords that best describe what you offer?
  • Are you using the correct language when describing what you offer?

At YMKM we carefully select the right solution for you and your site to ensure that the right people are finding you online. We research the right audience and terms your site should be optimized for. Let’s face it, if no one can find you then you don’t exist. This can be a very costly mistake. Let us show you how you can take control of your online presence and beat your competitors to the punch.  

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing can deliver your company’s message, and is a great tool to move the conversation forward. From brand building, communication, customer service, business growth, and education – Social Media can deliver great results for your company if used properly. You might know some of our Social Media  – YMKM has not only helped increase business growth for clients, we’ve also garnered local and national news coverage in support of that growth.  We are passionate about using Social Media to engage with your audience and community, and help you nurture customer relationships.  

Website Design & Development

Design is more than just making something look pretty. It’s about telling a story. It should guide potential leads through the buying process by taking them to the content they seek. Optimized design supports the strategy at hand, guides users with calls-to-action, and makes sure nothing gets overlooked. And have you been thinking about a custom mobile app? We can do that, too.